What you need to know when booking in New York.


All payments shall be paid by debit card or wire transfer. Guests authorize onefinestay to keep debit card number on file for the Monthly Rental Charge plus any Additional Rent Charges that may be applicable and mutually agreed upon in writing. onefinestay will charge the Guest debit card monthly on the anniversary day of the Lease Commencement Date each calendar month and provide statements and receipts per transaction.

The currency for payments due will be quoted in USD and must be paid in USD in accordance with the Booking Summary provided upon booking. onefinestay may provide Guest with an indication of how much the price would approximately be in the Guest’s local currency. Such indication is merely indicative and not binding.

Guests acknowledge that the applicable exchange rate used for currency conversion processing shall vary in accordance to the market rates at the time of processing.


Each Lease represents a contract to occupy the Property on given dates as set out in Appendix 1 of the Lease and the Booking Summary. Upon request to Lease a Property, onefinestay will dispatch a Booking Record to the Guest confirming receipt of request. The Lease request will be confirmed or declined within 48 hours from dispatch of a booking record. A Lease shall be binding upon full execution of the Lease by the Guest and the Homeowner and upon Guest payment of the Security Deposit.

Guest agrees to provide current, complete and accurate information to complete a Lease and agrees to update any information that is provided, including email address, phone number, credit card details, so that onefinestay can complete transactions and contact Guest as needed. If a Guest changes the information used to make a Lease for any Property, the Guest must update the information to onefinestay within 48 hours of the change.


onefinestay reserves the right to have a third party service provider undertake reporting, record keeping and identification procedures on the Guest and to verify the Guest's details electronically or undertake credit reference searches or similar searches in accordance with applicable laws. Guest agrees to promptly deliver all information requested.

Further, Guests may be put in contact with a third party supplier responsible for guests identity verification, including facial recognition, when such process has been required by onefinestay’s partners at the request of its third party partners. Such third party suppliers shall be exclusively and solely responsible for handling the identity verification process. onefinestay shall not interfere in this process and would only be informed by such third party supplier whether the identity of the Guest has been confirmed or not. The Homeowner shall be entitled not to accept a Lease in consideration of the outcome of such process.

Upon request, Guest authorizes a third party service provider to perform credit and background checks of Guest, (including if applicable Guest as a business entity, officers, directors, and shareholders) on behalf of a Homeowner. Upon request Guest agrees to complete the verification process, which may include providing ID documentation and written consent to such checks on forms provided for such purpose.

Extending a stay

Any request to extend the term of an effective Lease will require approval of the alternative date(s) from the Homeowner and is subject to availability at the Property. If the Property is available for the extended dates, the Guest will receive an amended Booking Summary and Lease confirming the new Lease Term, the amended Total Due, and any applicable Additional Rental Fees, which shall be accepted by the Guest.

Concierge services

No additional concierge services which Guests book through the onefinestay Platform are included with this Lease or the Monthly Rental Charge. Please consult the onefinestay website and the Concierge Services Booking Confirmation for terms and conditions relating to concierge services that may be available through a onefinestay affiliate company or a 3rd party provider.

Privacy terms

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