Why we created Sherlock

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if you could safely and securely let people you trust into your home, when you want, without having to be there?

Enter Sherlock. Sherlock is a small box of tricks which lets you and people you trust unlock your building and apartment doors using your phone wherever, whenever. Even if you are away from home.

While there are other systems which claim to do something similar, Sherlock is unique. It is the only solution that unlocks not just one door, but two, works with almost all doors, and doesn’t require you to change your locks.

Sherlock makes entering your home elementary

  • Unlock your doors, wherever you are
  • Let people in, when you’re out
  • Works in apartments, townhouses and walk-ups
  • Use your phone to get you into your home
  • Grant guest access for controllable periods of time to people you trust
  • A fail-secure service, with high levels of security

Getting Sherlock

Email us here if you would like to purchase a Sherlock device and/or arrange an installation.

Unlocking, without the fuss

Open your doors. Without your keys

There’s nothing wrong with traditional metal keys, in fact you can continue to use them as before after Sherlock has been installed. However, with traditional keys you have to remember to carry them and be in front of your door to use them. That’s why, with a few taps of your phone, Sherlock can unlock your doors without you having to be there—which also comes in handy should you ever be locked out.

Let people in, when you’re out

Get your life back. Don’t wait in for the cable guy

Staying at home for deliveries, the cleaner or visitors to arrive isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s also a drain on the economy, costing up to $38 billion a year in lost productivity in the US alone. But Sherlock means wherever you are, you can remotely unlock your doors for people you trust, even when you’re not in.

The two-door problem, solved

Two doors unlocked, with just one tap

If, like the vast majority of city dwellers, you live in an apartment or a walk-up, you’ll have two doors to unlock before entering your home. Sherlock is able unlock both the building’s door and your apartment door for you, without the need to change your locks, or anybody else’s.

Electronic key security and control

Because a bunch of keys is a bunch of hassle

The average household has nine sets of keys. Do you know where all of yours are right now? Sherlock will. It lets you quickly allow trusted people access to your home via the app, access that you can revoke them at any time, and they can’t be lost or stolen or copied.

Dedicated iPhone and Android Sherlock app

One thing less to squeeze into your pocket or purse

Sherlock currently works with your iPhone or any Android compatible phone, which means that Sherlock is compatible with about 82% of mobile phones worldwide. And 92% of all mobile phones purchased in the UK last year.

As secure as it is handy

With Sherlock, security is everything

We know that security of your home is paramount. That’s why Sherlock has been designed so that communication between your phone, your lock and our secure servers use HTTPS and SSL/TLS encrypted connections. All communication goes through the same security measures that we apply to take multi thousand pound www.onefinestay.com bookings.

Discretion guaranteed

You’ll only notice Sherlock when you use it

Sherlock itself is a small, unobtrusive box which is placed in your apartment, near a plug socket. It is then discreetly connected to both your apartment door and entry phone using flat white cable.

Press coverage

Called Sherlock, the entry system means owners will not have to make copies of keys for friends or guests and avoids the need to sit in waiting for deliveries or repair services as doors can be opened by app or text message.
onefinestay is offering them [potential home hosts] a bit of a carrot — in the form of some cutting edge digital convenience.
I can see how this is really going to appeal to people who want to have a wired home of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to anticipate any and all potential questions you might have about Sherlock. You can read our FAQ answers here.